About Susan…

Susan Sabella is a Metaphysical Artist, certified as a  Reiki Master Teacher and is currently attending The College Of Metaphysical Studies [http//www.cms.edu] in Clearwater, Florida for her degree in The Healing Arts and will soon has her own podcast named  “Metaphysically Speaking” that will have guest speakers talking about a variety of metaphysical topics such as Chakras, Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing, The Human Energy Field And How It Affects Us In All Areas Of Life, Psychic Phenomenon and will also feature “The Good News”, something we need to hear much more of as the media bombards us with negative images, Susan will only report the happy things in life she feels positive focus will determine positive reality.

It is Susan’s greatest desire to help others heal mind, body and soul through creative endeavors that bring out happiness, spontaneity and an all around sense of well-being that will help in all areas of life. Susan has her own art site “Dreamvisions” on Zazzle.com, below is the link that shows her work and she encourages artists and photographers to showcase their artwork as this is a great platform for it: http://www.zazzle.com/metaphysigirl

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