Kundalini Rising – How To Survive Spiritual Crisis Along With The Dark Night Of The Soul

A Spiritual Crisis is caused by the energy being released by Kundalini Energy through your Root or a.k.a. Base Chakra, the very first of seven Chakras known as our Wheels Of Life and Energy Centers.

I’ve had personal experience with this and it is INTENSE energy!

My Kundalini was released when I was learning Reiki and this was my first experience with handling the rush of energy and psychic ablilities like seeing Holograms of virtual people and symbols, I really felt like I was going to lose my mind.

Artistically, this energy made my mind explode with new ideas for paintings and writing.

It was a mixed blessing for me, but thankfully for the internet, I was able to read about mine and other people’s experiences and know that I was not going cuckoo…

A great, comprehensive online guide that helped me is

 The Spiritual Crisis Network,

based in the United Kingdom has everything about Kundalini, it’s effects  along with ways to deal with it on this link:


If you wish for counseling, you may send an email to this address, it takes about a week for a response:


If you need assistance right away, use your internet’s search engine to find a metaphysical counselor for your area.


An intense sharp pain at the base of my spine, felt like a coil had just been popped or released.

Pranic Breathing that I could not stop for almost 3 DAYS, thought I would have a heart attack.

Loss of appetite

Huge Increase In Libido

Psychic Ability Increased

Seeing Holograms Of People And Symbols

Intense, Drastic Changes In My Personal Life (Still Happening) My Family Dynamic Has Been Completely Rearranged.

Difficulty Coping With These Drastic Changes As They Were Indeed Turbulent.

Able To See Outer Worldly Realms Of Existence Other Than Dreams.

How To Tame Kundalini:

Grounding yourself is also very important, all this new energy in your body needs to be controlled, you’ll  need to eat grounding foods such as vegetables that are “rooted” in soil such as

potatoes, onions, cabbage, squash, zucchini

also meat is a bit heavy but beef and chicken are nice grounding foods, too.

Exercise like Tai Chi or Yoga help you to balance your body’s new energies.

“GOING WITHIN – A Guide For Inner Transformation”

This book by actress and author Shirley Mac Laine is the best book i’ve ever read about your chakras and their function, meditation and spirituality in general.

Shirley Mac Laine goes into detail in an easy to read format about finding your inner power and wisdom and you’ll gain much insight about how to harness your energies for your best and highest good.

Reverend Lee Thomas Marsh did a sermon recently about “Keeping Faith In Crisis”

He talks about both Kundalini and The Dark Night Of The Soul as the culprits of  Spiritual Crisis and how to help yourself others going through this tough time, below is the video of his sermon “Keeping Faith In Crisis”:


 Seeking guidance from  Metaphysical/Spiritual Clergy or a Counselor with a Metaphysical background can shed a lot of light as to why you’re experiencing this phenomena.

 Many times this is our so-called “initiation” into our divine, spiritual selves.

When anything and everything starts happening to you physically, mentally and financially as well as relationships going amouk, 

 you are being guided to look within and realize you have the power to change things around.

Todd Rundgren wrote and sang a song about his “initiation”, it goes pretty fast, so here are the lyrics first before I post the actual video for “Initiation”:

Power changes hands in the unseen worlds
’cause in ’75 something comes alive
Watch the silver cup and the golden rod
Silently listen and it shall be revealed
I was born to fly higher,
Born to stand where I’m standing now
Basking in the light of the neon fire
As it burns my useless body to the ground
Desire let me go
I would fly so high through the sky, never to die
Love has come, love has come
Inside outside, it shall be revealed
Brilliant stars splash down across a crystal sky
And the moon and the sun and the earth are one
See the shining soul break the ring-pass-not
Spiraling upward and it shall be revealed
The spirit is free
The universe wants it to be, it calls you and me
Love has come, love has come
Over under, it shall be revealed
When the bells ring out
And the fire burns within and without
When your star grows bright
And fills all of the world with it’s light
Swallow your pride, you don’t need it no more
Don’t have to hide, all I am is only one more
Standing at the door
Waiting for the world’s initiation
Thunder roar and lightning crack
Snakes of fire dance up and down my back
A long, long road is behind me now
Too late to be afraid of the choice that I have made
But there’s one thing I know
Where my spirit says to go,
You know that’s where I must go
When the golden ray
Of the dawn signifies a new day
And when loves grows strong
And the spheres join together in song
Swallow your pride, you don’t need it no more
Don’t need to hide, all I am is
Only one more, then shut the door
Waiting for the world’s initiation
Over under, it shall be revealed

Here is the video “Initiation” by Todd Rundgren and his band Utopia:

Remember to “go within” and meditate, move your energy around with Tai Chi, Qi Gong or Yoga, eat grounding foods and most of all, get counseling as this new energy rush will completely change your life as you already are probably aware of these changes.

Many Blessings,





By Reverend Sue

2 comments on “Kundalini Rising – How To Survive Spiritual Crisis Along With The Dark Night Of The Soul

  1. If you ever need to know how to channel the chi (external kundalini energy) back into the chakras, and thereby stop the furtive escape of power this awakening brings, please let me know.

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