Psychic Hygiene – How can I Energetically Protect Myself?

Protecting your personal energy is the best thing you can do to keep your health, wealth and happiness.

It has been my experience through the journey of illness and unhappiness that led me to this discovery.

I know you’ve probably heard about the “Law Of Attraction” and how having a positive mindset will help you

achieve health, wealth and happiness.  It’s much more than wishful thinking, it’s quantum physics.


Psychic Hygiene should be practiced by everyone as we are bombarded by electromagnetic fields caused by cell phones, televisions, computers and radios.  These emf frequencies can cause illness, fatigue and negative energy fields around us.  Not to mention there are people that can drain you the very same way. These people are termed “Psychic Vampires”  and most of the time they don’t know they are doing this, however, if you have come across one, you will feel mentally and physically fatigued all of the time and they walk away replenished and full of energy. 

Listed are the most common of “psychic vampires” so that you know what to watch out for:

The Sob Sister- aka “The Actress”, everything revolves around him or her and must be the center of attention.  Everything in their life is a disaster and no matter what solution is presented to them, they won’t solve anything as they keep siphoning energy from you and don’t want to cut their energy supply off.

The Constant Talker- This person loves to keep the conversation going and will keep doing so to the point of exhaustion, literally.

Go For The Juglar – Someone that constantly berates or puts you down, this gives them energy while it wears you down.

There’s a great book out by Dr. Judith Orloff, titled “Positive Energy Practices” that lists all of these psychic vampires and gives you great tips on how to handle them.

One way of handling a psychic vampire is standing a little bit of a distance away with your arms folded across your solar plexus area, located right above the belly button and look into their left eye when they’re talking as this will deflect any negative or siphoning energy they’re sending you.

 I’ve used this technique and I have not had a problem dealing with a psychic vampire.  Come to think of it, I really haven’t come across any in awhile since I have been doing much more positive thinking. 


 Now, let’s talk about emf protection.  There’s many different products out there that can protect you such as cell phone magnetic protectors that you can slip into your cell phone.  There are two excellent products out that you can wear to deflect negative energy from both human and non-human sources. One is Bio-Shield which is flat and silver or gold and has a crystal quartz in it to deflect this energy. Their website is : and  there are many variations of this shield on their site to suit your needs.  Another shield is named Q-Link and it is smaller and has copper coils in it. Their website is:  So price and compare.

If you like to make necklaces i’d like to suggest using magnetic hematite beads as it shields you against emf’s and also helps with focus. 

To also help with human negative energies I suggest incorporating the following beads into the necklace:

Black Tourmaline

Green Adventurine


These are considered protection stones. It is also important to note that intention is very important when wearing these as the energy being sent from a negative person does get deflected back to them, so, with this being said, send back the highest intention of healing to that person.

Our Chakras are seven energy centers located in the middle of our body (see diagragm below) and these are our “wheels of life” that produce our aura, which coincidentally is seven layers of our natural human defense “shield”.  When, like in my case, the wheels are jammed and not working properly, your defense is very much lowered and you are more apt to get physically sick and depressed and/or stressed and attract situations you don’t want.   It is very important to keep these wheels moving so that they vibrate to a higher level and produce a higher auric field for our natural protection.  Please click on the chart below for a better view of our “wheels of  life”.


Next i’ll discuss chakra cleansing.  A few months ago this was news to me, however, I went to a reiki circle and had my chakras cleansed and what a feeling this was!  I actually felt lighter and happier. Mind you, i’ve never had this done before so you can imagine how much my “wheels of life” were clogged. 

Another thing that helped me keep these wheels “clean” is educating myself about chakras. I highly suggest the following:

AM/PM Chakra Cleansing Meditation with Doreen Virtue – This is a book along with a cd that shows and tells you what chakras are, what each chakra is used for and how to cleanse them.


Chakra Yoga To Strengthen Your Immune System And Increase Vital Energy By Gurutej Kaur


The Illuminated Chakras: A visionary Voyage Into Your Inner World by Anodea Judith- Spectacular digital illustration of our wheels of life, the chakras. 


Below is the content of this dvd on Enjoy the beautiful digital illustrations of our “wheels of life”.

These have helped me tremendously!  I still need to work on myself a bit more with the chakra cleansing, but what a huge difference this has made in my life.  I’m starting to attract positive things again.  This hasn’t happened to me since I was a kid.

Another great way to protect yourself before going out for the day is a “white light” meditation technique just sitting up straight, do not cross your arms or legs, close your eyes and imagine breathing in white light through your nostrils and imagine it moving all throughout your body while relaxing.  This is a very good technique.

Eat “grounding” foods such as root vegetables like, carrots, potatoes, cabbage and only lean organic meats without hormones.

Get plenty of rest as you already know if you don’t your auric field is lowered.

I hope this helped all of you out there in “cyberland” and would love to hear feedback on how you are doing with this.

Keeping your natural “defense” shield is the best thing you can do to be healthy, wealthy and wise.






By Reverend Sue

9 comments on “Psychic Hygiene – How can I Energetically Protect Myself?

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  2. Susan,
    Everything I want to attract gets within arm’s reach to me –then it seems to divert away by some uncanny and/or incomprehensible way. Jobs, dates, items, money, completing a thesis, and even friends. I have done the techniques mentioned –but not consistently. I do not have the energy level and enthusiasm that I was known for. I don’t feel like myself. I have been searching for answers. This has been going on for the last 5 years. What do you advise?
    With abundant thanks!
    Love & Light to you,

    • Hi Mea, it sounds like you need to do an exercise to clear out a blockage in your Solar Plexus Chakra. For many years I experienced disappointment in every area of life and it turned out to be a severe blockage in my Solar Plexus Chakra located right above the belly button. The Solar Plexus Chakra is our power center and it is a yellowy gold color. I suggest doing a simple meditation by closing your eyes and picturing the Solar Plexus Chakra as a golden fan spinning around with debris falling off every time it spins until it is a golden, gleaming, sparkling fan. As with all meditations, you must open up with a protection prayer and in your mind’s eye picture a door opening up. Also, you will need to do some cleaning house of your Subconscious Mind. I suggest getting the book “Liquid Luck” by Dr. Joseph Gallenberger, PH.D which teaches how the Subconscious Mind works as well as how to reverse Negative Psychokinesis which is a Subconscious Mind that has negative imprints/memories in it. I had the very same things happen to me and this book really helped me out. I have a meditation that goes with it. Please inbox me at and I will send you the .mp3 file I have that correlates with this book and I want to send you an extremely powerful protection prayer to open up your meditations with. Please also note that it is very important to close down after each meditation so you will protect your energy. You can do this by picturing a door closing and locking above your head. Please inbox me and let me know how you are doing. Many Blessings, Love and Light to you too. Rev. Sue

      • Mea, I would also like to suggest an amazing book “Change Your AURA Change Your Life: A Step by Step Guide To Unfolding Your Spiritual Power by Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri moraitis. There is an affirmation for prosperity that helped me almost immediately with my finances. Here it goes: “Down-ray the turquoise ray of abundance and and supply, touching into my Hermetic center and quickening persons, places, things, conditions, and situations, bringing me into perfect prosperity.” I did this and a few days later my financial situation turned for the better with unexpected checks.

  3. Reverend Sue,
    Thank you so very, very much! I am working on everything you have suggested. I am so happy to have found you on this site. You are clearly somebody who understands these things and can provide specific steps to remedy the situation. As you know, when one is in the vortex of it—it is difficult to see a way out!
    Heartfelt gratitude!
    In Love & Light,

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